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          Welcome To ShenZhen Battery Electronic Co.,Ltd. Website!

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          Company Culture

          Our management idea: the excellence quality supreme trust each other casting brand
          Our code of conduct:
          1, faithfulness to customer, sincere service, responsible for what.
          2, DuZhi in common cause, perseverance, and perseverance.
          3, communication honest, go continuously continuously. We oppose each other and resist any smear and the behavior of the rivalries.
          4, loyalty to enterprise staff is of great value to the staff, care staff leadership is a value of leadership.
          5, we abide by business ethics, contempt for YingYingGouGou, only to focus on ready for the client.

          6, a keen eye, min of thinking, and a first. Spent
          7, found that the problem immediately reaction shots, agile.
          8, is, pay attention to high quality work province of acceleration.
          9, ZhiMingDa tong, comprehensive and original, hui people da hui has to yourself.
          10, we adhere to the empirical and actual combat, the principle of actual effect.
          11, with the strength to talk, to speak with performance. Not only WeiShi name, not only to learn and use.
          12, depending on the innovation as the life, our enemy is the stodgy, complacent and conservative, cock is valiant on his own dunghill.
          13, we through the system, team learning and using for reference, realize the integration of knowledge, to innovation and cluster beyond goal.
          14, our happiness is with the customer share results, and team sharing success, realize customer, team and individual value to promote together.
          15, we keep making progress, new rijin, anyone and should not let us give up on the pursuit of common cause.
          16, we think, as long as attentively and efforts, nothing is impossible.

          Our technology strategy:
          In order to master the key technology for direction
          Gathers all kinds of advanced technology and resources
          Continue creating core competitive ability

          Our services to ensure that:
          BTR establishment is 24 hours service hotline, and provide technical advice before and after sales service;
          Products of technology design, demonstration, OEM services; ODM services
          The one-stop, storage, the high quality, the constant maintenance customer's benefit.

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